SCM150 is an ultra-efficient, 7.5 kW peak power motor especially designed for solar car applications where efficiency is key. An in-wheel motor having a variable gap mechanism that allows for the torque-speed characteristics to be changed on the fly. Used by more than 90% of solar car teams in the US.

      MSF215/125 is a 8 kW peak power motor that is ideal for small, low-cost electric/hybrid electric two wheelers. Currently packaged in a swing arm with a planetary gear set but electro-magnetics can be repackaged depending on the application. Environmentally sealed to IP-67 standards.          
      EMS401-043 is a 48V integrated motor/controller with 15 kW peak power, ideal for EV/HEV neighborhood electric vehicles, quadracycles, three-wheelers, ground support equipment, etc. Has an integrated solid state contactor and a 200W, 12-15V auxiliary power supply. Sealed to IP-67 standards.          
      MDF240, a 22kW peak power motor, is suitable as a traction drive or a generator on a small electric/hybrid electric passenger car. Field programmable configuration, Integrated EEPROM for motor specific settings enabling "plug & play" with NuGen Controllers. Ruggedness proved in a military application.          
      MSF280-160 is 25kW peak power motor capable of powering EV/HEV micro-trucks. The motor can be driven as a 3-phase AC synchronous or DC brushless motor with superior efficiency. Flash based firmware for rapid adaptation to unique application requirements.          

MDF375, 90-100 kW peak power motor, is ideal for heavy duty bus/truck applications. Air or water cooled, depending on the application. Peak motor & controller efficiency is greater than 95%. Sealed to IP-67 standards.

      EVC402-042/092 series controllers are 48/96 V controllers that are “plug & play” with SCM150 motors used in solar cars. They are ultra high efficiency sine wave controllers that provide regenerative braking. Capable of serial or discrete communication.          
      EVC400-043 is a 48V controller compatible with MSF215 & MSF240 motors. Capable of State-of-charge tracking with programmability of battery profile. Provides the option of torque or speed control.          

EVC401-043/083 series controllers are 48/96V and have built in motor current limiting logic that provides a speed governor, limp-home mode based on SOC, and battery charge discharge protection. Communicate via CAN Bus for maximum flexibility and reduced wiring complexity.

      EVC401-085 is a 96V controller compatible with the MSF280-160 motor. Has an integrated solid state contactor and a near-zero input capacitance that allows spark-free battery connection without a pre-charge resistor.          

EVC402-266 is a high voltage (312V) controller compatible with the heavy duty MDF 375 motors. It has a solid-state emergency stop circuit to disconnect the batteries when an inexpensive external switch is opened. Also has programmable logic capability allowing optimization and matching to a wide variety of applications.


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