NuGenís core technology is axial flux, permanent magnet, brushless motors and their controls. Upwards of 99.9% of integral horsepower electric motors are radial flux motors that have rotors on the interior and stator with heat producing coils on the exterior. In an axial flux motor, also sometimes referred to as a ďpancakeĒ motor, the rotor and stators are disks separated axially. While it is recognized that permanent magnet motors offer higher overall efficiency and power density than conventional motor technologies such as AC induction, NuGenís axial flux technology presents more significant improvements in efficiency and power density when compared to radial flux permanent magnet topology.


Efficiency Benefits: NuGenís technology not only provides extremely high system efficiency, it provides it over a very board operating speed-torque range of the application, making it possible to operate efficiently at most times, as opposed to just sometimes, in the drive cycle. Better efficiency directly relates to more range, and better equitable MPG for an advanced electric drive vehicle.

  Power Density Benefits: High power density implies that for a given amount of power required for an application, NuGenís motors would be smaller and lighter as compared to competing technologies. A smaller motor would in turn result in cost savings, easy of integration, and less weight and thus better equitable MPG.          


NuGenís accumulated experience in field of Advanced Electric Drive Vehicles is unmatched in the industry. Firstly, NuGen is a pioneer in large scale manufacturing of axial flux permanent magnet motors at commercially viable pricing. Secondly, NuGen focuses on vehicle systems engineering with an emphasis on drive system and energy management. Conventional solutions often settle with compromises on conflicting application challenges such as cost to produce, cost to operate, reliability, functional density, operating efficiency and performance. NuGenís approach provides us with the unique advantage of understanding the problem and providing successful, commercially viable solutions that do not compromise on any of the conflicting challenges.



A host of sophisticated hardware and software tools are used in-house for design, analysis, and testing which include:

  • MATLAB and Advisor for Vehicle Simulation

  • Ansoft for Electromagnetic design and analysis

  • SolidWorks and I-deas for mechanical and thermal FEA, 3D Modeling, and Drafting

  • ORCAD and PADS for Electrical Schematics and PCB layout

  • LabVIEW for developing user interfaces and data acquisition

  • Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Baker Digital Surge and Hipot tester

  • Himmelstein torque meters

  • Sorensen power supplies


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